Monday, April 17, 2023

Slingshot 344 is with the printers ...

... and should be posted out to you all in the next few days!  Here is the cover picture, together with a list of the contents and a short summary of each article.

"Romans, stand firm against these barbarian dogs!
Remember, you fight today for your homes, your families
and my phenomenally expensive shield!"


The view from the Editor's Chair.  Maybe not one for those of a nervous disposition.

The Society Officer and Committee Member Nominations notice

What is says on the tin.

Refighting 2nd Mantinea using Lost Battles and Legion II by Philip Sabin

Phil Sabin describes two, solo refights of this battle, each of which offers some very interesting insights into the challenges and dilemmas faced by the opposing troops and commanders, as well as two entertaining game narratives.

The Battlefield of Adrianople 378AD by Dave Watson

A short but informative look at the site, in modern Turkey, of this ancient battlefield.

Galloping Horse and Bounding Chariot by Richard Andrews

Following on from his thoughts about Philistine infantry in Slingshot 337, in this article Richard looks at the nature and evolution of Philistine chariots.

Roman Special Forces and Special Operations by Simon Elliott

Simon's article puts us onto the trail of Roman elite forces, describing the typical "behind the scenes" clandestine activities that were always underway deep behind enemy lines. Then as now, their role was to disrupt chains of command and lines of supply, provide vital intelligence, and assassinate opposing decision takers.  Overall, a wealth of neat scenario ideas for the ancient skirmish gamer.

Interview with Neville Dickinson by Gordon Garrad

Neville Dickinson.  One of that happy band who between them brought so many of us into wargaming and so tirelessly popularised the hobby.  The creator of Minifigs, too.  An original.  Nay, a legend!

The Third Battle of The Mandubian Hills by David Kay

In Slingshot 331, Chris Hahn began to explore the problem (aka opened the can of worms which is) how to recreate the operation of a Roman legion in a triplex acies formation.  Here David Kay picks up the gauntlet and provides us with his own take on the problem and what he learned from wrestling with it.

Centrefold Miniature Painting Showcase by Society Members

Eye candy!  A full two page spread of it.  Wallow in admiration and jealousy.

Teutoburger Wald AD9 Evening the Odds by Andy Offen

Now that's a challenge.  I'm going to look forwards to reading this one.

A Dying Light in Britannia Part 1 by Dave Hollin

A Welshman, living in Wales, forces himself to write with sympathy and no little erudition of "Brittania". What a hero!  One worthy of a seat at the table.  The article is pretty darn good too.  (Right, that's enough toadying to the editor.)

Testing My Resolve rules review and battle report by Gordon Garrad

Test Of Resolve cover the Wars of the Roses and claim to deliver “period characteristics without undue complexity”.  How well do they manage that?  Read on and see what Gordon discovered.

Deus Vult rules review Part 2 (Making the rules work) by Mark Wilson

An article all about "how I tweaked the rules".  It's like looking deep into the mirror of Galadriel.  I'm going to keep my therapist's number handy.

Slingshot Book, Game & Figure Reviews 

Including reviews of:

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Huns, figure review by Steve Neate

25mm Lamming Miniatures, figure review by Dave Smith

15mm Comparison of Celtic Chariot Miniatures, figure reviews by Lawrence Greaves

Alexander the Great, book review by Martin Stephenson

Romans at War, book review by Duncan Head

Deception in medieval Warfare, book review by Jim Webster

Sparta’s Second Attic War, book review by David Mason

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