Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Slingshot 310 with the printers

Slingshot 310 is with the printers and will appear in early March.


  • Arsuf Battle Pack, by Matt Bennett
  • Cataphracts and Concubines by Peter Andrews
  • The Second (Plastic) Punic War By Tim Thompson
  • Glasgow Armati, by Peter Barham
  • Pondering the Portrayal of Pachyderms, by Chris Hahn

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Slingshot 309 at the printers

Slingshot 309 is at the printers and will appear shortly.

  • On the Ground at Arsuf – Part 2 by Nick Harbud
  • The Eagle’s Prey: Caractacus by Gordon Lawrence
  • Rein-Force (Rein-Bow Warriors) by Ian Russell Lowell
  • Of Games & Chariots by Peter Barham
  • A Fatal and Fateful Day by Chris Hahn
  • Pharsalus with Lap of the Gods by David Edwards
  • Rome Confronting Pyrrhus by Periklis Deligiannis
  • Simple Campaigning - Hellenistic Empires by John Graham Leigh

Sunday, October 16, 2016

l'Art de la Guerre

...is a French Ancients ruleset gaining in popularity in the English-speaking world. Designed to be played in 2 hours it has the following features:

  • An element/unit based game with cohesion loss but no casualty removal;
  • One base = one unit;
  • Base width is important, depth does not seem to matter so much;
  • So long as both armies use the same base width, the rules will work;
  • Recommended base widths follow WRG/DBX standard;
  • For 6-15mm amies using 40mm wide bases, table size is about 5'x3';
  • Armies are broken into three commands;
  • For a standard 200 point game, armies seem to hover around 24 units;
  • The many army lists are tight but not overly prescriptive.

More details from the homepage here: http://www.artdelaguerre.fr/en/index.php

A YouTube walk-through here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZes0dsW1Ac

Monday, September 19, 2016

PAWS English DBA Open October 2016

The Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society will host England's premiere DBA competition on Sunday 30th October at the Stacey Community Centre, Portsmouth, UK, commencing 9.30 am. Trophies will be sponsored by the Society of Ancients and prizes by Magister Militum.

More details here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Slingshot 307 with the printers

Slingshot 307 is currently with the printers and will appear shortly.


Arming the Slaves, by Richard Andrews

It’s a Long Way to Tibareni (4), by Alastair McBeath

The ‘Drunken One’ at Campaign 2016, by Steve Rathgay

Actium Naval Rules, by Harry Ryder

Pharsalus Battle Day Reports

  • Pharsalus in Japan, by Aaron Bell
  • Pharsalus with ‘To The Strongest!’, by Paul Innes
  • Pharsalus using ‘Scutarii’, by Bill Butler
Hannibal Triumphs! - ‘Mortem et Gloriam’, by Richard Jeffrey-Cook

Another Consideration of Chaeronea, by Chris Hahn

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Development of the Republican Roman Army

......is a free ebook on the development of the Roman army from obscurity until later Republican times, written by Kenneth Haynes, a long-term SoA contributor. Containing illustrations and diagrams, it is available in ePub and MOBI formats here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Britcon 2016 12th - 14th August

Britcon is the UK's largest multi-period, multi-ruleset wargames competition, held this year in Manchester.

Ancient and Mediaeval period rulesets will include the following:

Field of Glory
l'Art de la Guerre

...and the first public appearance of Mortem et Gloriam, created by Simon Hall, one of the developers of Field of Glory.

More details here.