Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Society of Ancients confirms 2009 bonus project


The Society of Ancients has confirmed that its 2009 member publication project will be an updated version of Paul Burton's award winning series 'A Fair and Open Battle'.

A wargamer's tour through an illuminating series of historical ancient and medieval set-piece clashes from Medway and Mons Graupius to The Wars of the Roses, 'A Fair and Open Battle' was written with army suggestions for DBM and Warhammer Ancient Battles
Now an illustrated 24 page A4 booklet, in a new departure, this updated version will come with a bonus CD which extends the coverage to include Field of Glory, Armati and other games together with additional supporting material.

A Fair and Open Battle will appear in the spring, and will be pre-released free to all 2009 Society of Ancients members who have subscribed by February 1st. Limited stocks are thereafter expected to go on sale at £6.00 including postage.

If you are interested in the Society of Ancients, £20 brings 6 issues of the all new Slingshot in addition to the bonus publication, and access to the wide range of member services, invitations and discounts. With Paypal on the website, joining up couldn't be easier: subscribe by Feb 1st for the full range of benefits.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Society of Ancients Roll of Honour 2008

The Society of Ancients would like to thank all the participants, organisers, and sponsors who made its 2008 events a success, and the authors and contributors without which Slingshot would not be possible.

Congratulations to the prize winners:

SoA Doubles Masters
1. Dave Handley/Nic Sharp, 2. James Hamilton/Martin Wilkinson, 3. Bruce Brown/Paul Cummins
Northern DBA Cup (Hosted by Triples)
1. Aislinn Smith, 2. Pete Scholey, 3. Richard Pulley
English DBA Open (co-sponsored with Magister Militum)
Open 15mm: Martin Smith, Open 25mm: Andrew Fisher' Junior (15s): Robert Dowling
Society of Ancients/BHGS GB Armati League
Bill Wilson

Society of Ancients/BHGS National Champion

Bruce Brown (Field of Glory)
(top scoring UK tournament player, any rules set)

Society of Ancients/Armati by the Sea

1.Malcolm King, 2. Roy Boss, 3. Matthew Bennett
Society of Ancients Anderida Trophy
Paul Fencott
The special award winners:
Tony Bath Award
Will Whyler for his sterling services in maintaining the Society presence in Northern shows, and unsung service as auditor over several years.
John Westwood Trophy
Richard Pulley for his work in promoting the hobby among young people.
Deryck Guyler Award
Graham Evans for the Trebia participation game (first run at Campaign)

... And to the Slingshot contributors:

Editor's Prize
Jim Webster
Charles Grant Prize
Awarded for the best article covering a B.C. topic: awarded jointly to Alastair McBeath, for the Mesopotamian Warfare Notes series of articles, and David Karunanithy, for his "off-cut" articles about Macedonia.
The Ian Greenwood Prize
Awarded for the best article 0 to 1000 A.D: Duncan Head for his article on the Army of the Zanj Revolt (Nov 07.)
The Alan Nickels Prize
Awarded for the best article post 1000 A.D.: John Walsh for The Bahmani Sultanate (Nov 07.)
Best Wargames Article, sponsored by Gripping Beast:
Paul Burton, for his Campaigns for Wargamers series.

Thanks also to the BHGS for administrative help, and to Gripping Beast, Magister Militum and Ancient and Modern Army Supplies for sponsoring prizes

Richard Sullivan (Osprey) presents the Persian Helmet to Pete Dalby
The Persian Helmet (Britcon Sportsmanship)
Pete Dalby

The Society of Ancients is always keen to consider good ideas for events and projects, and welcomes offers of prizes and awards from traders and partners. Please get in touch with us via the website or the blog if you want to get involved.
Membership of the Society of Ancients costs £20 per annum including 6 issues of Slingshot. If you subscribe for 2009 by the 1st of February, you will receive a free copy of our forthcoming booklet/CD 'A Fair and Open Battle' (revised with new illustrations and army lists)