Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Battle Day - Kadesh

The eighth annual Society of Ancients Battle Day will take place on Saturday 2 April at Sycamore Hall, Drayton Road, Bletchley, near Milton Keynes, MK2 3RR. This year the chosen battle is Kadesh, and we have eleven games refighting this epic battle, using the following rule sets:

Armati - Command & Colours: Ancients - DBMM - Donald Featherstone - Giant DBA - Hail Caesar - Lost Battles - Peltast and Pila - Piquet Archon - Warlord - Warmaster Ancients

I am sure you will agree this is an impressive array of games for you to come along and take part in - most of the games are still looking for generals to join them!

The day is open to both members and non-members of the Society, all are welcome. We have to make a small charge of £7 to all attendees to go towards venue and table hire, although juniors are free.

The timetable for the day is approximately:

8am Hall available for set-up

9am Official start of the battles

9:15am Introduction to Kadesh: Ian Russell-Lowell puts the battle in context, and discusses the key moments and controversial issues.

4pm Prize giving. Oh yes. We give prizes. One for Best Overall Game and one for Best Terrain. And then we will be awarding the much-coveted and entirely spurious individual prizes for tales of derring-do on the tabletop.
5pm Official close

6pm Hall must be vacated

Contact Richard Lockwood (email: or phone:07990 510492)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Armati by the Sea 2011 results


Sponsored by the Society of Ancients, Armati by the Sea was held at the Hotel Royale in Bournemouth over the weekend of 12th-13th March.

The format followed the now traditional matched pairs, with all the armies and terrain pre-selected and provided by the organisers (and drawn by lot for each round). All players were given A4 booklets containing full army lists and notes for all armies available in the pool (52 armies for 26 scenarios covering the full period range from 'Biblical' to 'Age of Chivalry').

After all 5 rounds, Roy Boss came out on top, with Bruce Rollet and Malcolm King as runners up.

The full results: 1: Roy Boss (132); 2: Bruce Rollet (127); 3: Malcolm King (109); then ... Stuart Campbell (100); Alan Zanich (92); John Bradley (84); Ian Kerr (83); Mark Fry (82); Craig Tannock (77); Phil Steele (69); Tim Cull (68); Paul Collins (64); Richard Jeffrey-Cook (58); Matthew Bennett (53); Oliver Hutt (47); Mick Owen (36).

Many thanks to Peter Barham for organising the event, to Mark Fry who umpired, and to Mark and Roy for again achieving the huge task of organising and providing all the armies, and shifting them down to Bournemouth.

Bookings are currently being made to secure the venue for Armati by the Sea 2012.

(On behalf of the Society of Ancients, Richard Jeffrey-Cook presented the Armati trophy to Roy Boss (central), Peter Barham (lower inserts) presented further awards for notable achievements. Photo by Phil Steele)

For more information and pictures from Society of Ancients events, please go to our Shows North blog (Ancients on the Move) ...

Phil Steele