Monday, September 24, 2018

big Battle DBA with really big figures the Hereward Wargames Show in September. 54mm figures in a Punic Wars battle that drew quite a bit of attention as well as a trophy for a magnificent looking game.

Battle report anyone?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Slingshot 319 with the Printers

Slingshot 319 is with the printers and will hit your postboxes* soon. Here are the article titles with a short summary of content.

Kinging it in Ulster – Part 2by Mick Hession
The concluding half of the account of the opportunistic knight de Courcy's attempt to carve out a lordship in northern Ireland.

Tackling Telamon with l'Art de la Guerreby Chris Hahn
The first of a four-part series that recreates the Battle of Telamon (when a Gallic raiding army in Italy became the patty of a Roman burger) using four popular rulesets.

War elephantsby Patrick Waterson
Tracing the history of the war elephant examining the different ways the elephant was used in battle.

Paraetacene Writ Large with DBMMby Duncan Head
Recreating the famous Successor battle with huge DBMM armies.

Becoming an Ancients Wargamerby Keith Flint
How a confirmed WW2 gamer discovered what a good thing Ancients warfare is.

The Sack of Chang'an – Part 1by Nicholas Spratt
How many people know that Tibet was once an empire that humbled China and conquered its capital city? The first part of a two-part article that describes the apogee of the realm of Lhasa.

Origins of the Macedonian Infantryby Duncan Head
Who founded the Macedonian heavy infantry and what did it originally look like? Duncan Head answers these questions.

Slingshot Reviews
A set of reviews on five books that study the Second Scottish War of Independence.

*If if doesn't hit your postbox that is either a) because the postman was chased away by your dog, or b) you don't have a subscription. We can do something about b) –