Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 English DBA Open Results

The 2010 English DBA Open was held on 10th October at the Southsea Community Centre. Sponsored by Magister Militum and the Society of Ancients, thanks are due to Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society for hosting the event.

Congratulations to
Scott Russell, the new English DBA Open Champion, and to James May, the new English DBA Open Junior Champion.

(left to right: James May - Junior winner - Scott Russell - Open Champion - Arnaud Marmier - runner up)

The entrants played off in three pools of 6, the winners plus best runner up going into semi finals, the top four Juniors likewise into their own knockout phase.

In semi final A, Scott Russell defeated Lindon Paxton (Early Carthaginians vs Syracusans) 4-2; In semi final B, Arnaud Marmier defeated Mark Schofield (Pyrrhic vs Camillan Roman) 4-0.

Using the same forces, Scott Russell defeated Arnaud Marmier in the final 4-1.

James May won the Junior event

Richard Pulley won the Plate Competition.

For an illustrated blog, please visit Ancients on the Move

Many thanks from the Society of Ancients to all those who supported the event. With a minimum of 5 games each, all the entrants had a busy and worthwhile day: we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2011 if not before.

Phil Steele

The Society of Ancients


Pool results: A: A Marmier 22; M Smith 16; M Myers 11; R Dowling 7; D Constable 6; R Walker (J) 5. B: S Russell 21; M Schofield 20; R Pulley 8; T Ellis 6; S Etheridge 6; P Myers (J) 5. C: L Paxton 20; C O'Shea 14; P Steele 13; F Schofield (J) 11; J Drury 11; J May (J) 0.

Armies and popularity: Viking (2); Ghaznavid (2); Early Burgundian (2); Patrician Roman (2 ... 1 East, 1 West) ... then 1 entry each: Early Sumerian; Minoan; Kushite Egyptian; Spring & Autumn Chinese; Asiatic Early Successor; Ptolemaic; Middle Imperial Roman; Feudal Spanish; Medieval French; Medieval Portuguese.

Friday, October 1, 2010


(one of last year's semi finals)

The Society of Ancients looks forward to next weekend's English DBA Open, hosted again by the Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society.

Sponsored by the Society of Ancients and Magister Militum, the English DBA Open is a one-day event running from 9am on Sunday 10th October. To enter, or for more details, visit the English DBA Open information page
Junior, Senior and 25mm categories are available, and trophies and prizes will be presented.

For more information about the Society of Ancients, visit our website