Friday, September 23, 2011

2011 Society of Ancient Doubles Masters - results


The Society of Ancients Doubles Masters was hosted over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th September in Abingdon by the BHGS and the Oxford club.

24 Teams competed in DBMM and Field of Glory for individual awards and for the Doubles Masters Alexander Trophy (which would go to the highest scoring pair over both events).

Field of Glory (Ancient and Medieval)
1. Terry Shaw and Simon Hall
2. Dave Handley and Nik Sharp
3. Keith Martin-Smith and Graham Evans
.... S Munton/G Briggs; D Fairhurst/L Fairhurst; D Pearce/H Pearce; D Bannister/M J Simpson; A Ellis/K Ellis; G Jamieson/R Jeffrey; D Morrisson/ J Patrick; J Akers/P Card; P Steele/C Ager; J Simpson/D Saunders ...

1. Mike Bennett and Colin Sharp
2. Greg Mann and Mark Hare
3. Mark Priest and Lawrence Greaves
... T Richardson/K Nathan; J Morgan/T Childs; P Kershaw; J Saunders/P Saunders; S Rathgay/J Smith ...

1. Terry Shaw and Simon Hall (FoG)
2. Dave Handley and Nik Sharp (FoG)
3. Mike Bennett and Colin Sharp (DBMM)

The event also hosted FoG R and AK47 events: Alastair Harley won the FoG R and Peter Parker Harris won the AK47

On behalf of the Society of Ancients and all the players, many thanks to the hosts and organisers and congratulations to the worthy Champions

(2011 Doubles Masters: Terry Shaw and Simon Hall)