Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Slingshot 293 now arriving

The latest issue of Slingshot is now arriving with subscribers.

The articles in 293 include:

- Society Battle Day 2015 - The Hydaspes 326 BC
- A Short History of the Iberian Peninsular - the Start of the Reconquista
- Command and Colours Using Figures on the Tabletop
- Mesopotamian Notelets - Gudea's Plan
- The Age of Augustus, Part 2
- 1166 And All That - King Dermot
- Armati 101 - Hints and Tips
- Society UK DBA League 2012-2013
- Slingshot Game Review - Pax Romana
- Slingshot Book Review - Conquer and Govern
- Negative PIPs

Slingshot is issued six times a year to members of the Society of Ancients.  The editor is always looking for more articles, photographs and art, so feel free to contact him through editor@soa.org.uk if you have an idea.

Subscription includes access to vendor discounts, Society products and the SoA forum.  You can subscribe or re-subscribe through the store at the Society's website, http;//soa.org.uk

In other news the first in our series of Classic Slingshot Articles, "Rioting in Alexandria" by Ed Mills, from issue 27 (way back in 1970!), is now online here.

Also, the Society's Balearic Bundles deal is about to expire.  If you are interested in picking up cheap hard copies of older Slingshot bundles, now is almost the last chance to do so.  More information can be found here.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Slingshot 292 Giveaway Winners.

We had a great response to our Slingshot 292 giveaway with lots of entries from around the world.  Unfortunately, there could only be five winners, and who they would be came down to the dice gods.

The lucky winners were:

Angelo Gentile
Neil Patterson
Erik Strahler
Martin Stephenson
Jake Tattersdill

Our postmaster John G-L has already put the prizes in the mail, so they should be arriving on the winners' doorsteps very soon.

Thanks to everyone who took part, and we'll look forward to doing something similar again in future.