Thursday, November 26, 2009

Slingshot Editor's Prizes

As sent out to the Society Yahoo! Group:

"Time once again for the announcement of the year's editor's prizes (i.e. the subset of SoA prizes which are within the grant of the editor), and following on from our esteemed president's announcement of the new Phil Barker prize. This year, I should mention, the list of potential prizewinners was significantly longer than the list of actual winners. To avoid various cats getting a good kicking, I won't list the articles and authors that just missed out. But it's a good thing to have such a large reservoir of quality material (and the amount currently "in the hopper" is actually more than at any other time when I've been editor), and it reflects the amount of new, high quality material that has come in over the past 12 months.

The prizes are awarded for articles published in the 6 issues running from November 2008 to September 2009 (reflecting the fact that they would have previously been announced at the AGM). Some "series" articles do cross the "consideration year" boundary, and those that do so this year will be eligible for consideration in the 2010 prizes.

• The Editor's Prize: Doug Melville, for "Putting it All Together: the Sasanians Re-Examined", S/s 260, 261, 264
• The Charles Grant Prize (for a historical article in the period pre 500 BC): Alastair McBeath, once again, for his Mesopotamian Warfare series, S/s 261-266 and ongoing
• The (inaugural) Phil Barker Prize (500-1 BC): Patrick Waterson, for "Amazed Was I Ere I Saw Zama", S/s 262
• The Ian Greenwood Prize (1-1000 AD): Stewart Hey, for "Ambush at Callinicum 531AD", S/s 263
• The Alan Nickels Prize: (post 1000 AD): Mick Hession, for "Cogadh Gaedhil, Medieval Irish Warfare 600-1500AD", S/s 263-265
• The award for Best Wargaming Article, kindly sponsored by Gripping Beast: Adrian Goldsworthy, for "Thinking About Romans", S/s 263-266 and ongoing

Congratulations to the winners. David Edwards will be contacting them individually to establish the how they'd like to receive their prize."

Championship Standings Now Online

The championship standings are now online - they are updated live by Bill Thurlow, as he processes and validates the results. I'll try and find a way of subbing to the results page via email, and update the blog when it's there. Till then, keep an eye on that page.

Phil Barker Prize

New Slingshot Prize.

To reflect the number and quality of material submitted for publication in the BC periods, The Society of Ancients has added a new prize to the honours it awards for contributions to Slingshot. The Charles Grant Prize will now cover contributions from the earliest periods of warfare up to 500BC. The new prize will cover the period 500 BC to 1 AD.

In 1971 WRG published Armies of the Macedonian and Punic War by Phil Barker - the first in a ground breaking series of books aimed at wargamers, and attempting to translate the latest research into clear and reliable reconstructions of the soldiers of the ancient world. Barker’s next in the series, Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome, went through 4 editions over 10 years and is widely recognised as a definitive guide to the appearance of the Roman Army. For many enthusiasts, the modern approach to historical wargaming in these periods began with Phil Barker’s unique contributions.

(Phil Barker, left, presents awards at the English DBA Open)

In recognition of his immense contribution, through stand alone publications, WRG rules and Slingshot articles, The Society of Ancients has named its new award for outstanding contributions to Slingshot in the period 500 BC to 1 AD The Phil Barker Prize.

For a brief appraisal of Phil Barker’s contribution to wargaming, there is a Wikipedia entry at

Phil Steele