Monday, April 20, 2009

Slingshot 263

The latest issue of Slingshot (number 263, March 2009), the bi-monthly publication of the Society of Ancients, went to the printers last Monday. Apologies for the lateness of this issue. My understanding is that the issue has been delayed a further couple of days to accommodate the printing of membership cards, which are enclosed with the magazine, so it may be another week before it arrives with you. The incentive game is not included with this mailing and will be sent separately.

This issue is 60 pages long, not including the cover pages. It's published in the same format introduced with issue 258.

The contents of Slingshot 263 are as follows. For games articles, I've indicated the relevant rule set where it's not immediately obvious from the title; with historical articles I've tried to indicate period if a similar issue applies.

  • Cogadh Gaedhil: Medieval Irish warfare 600AD-1500AD, Part I, by Mick Hession
  • The Battle of the Granicus, by Patrick Waterson
  • Recent Reconstructions of the Battle of the Granicus, by Philip Sabin
  • “Oh merchant, how you use up silver!” (Mesopotamian Notes VI), by Alastair McBeath
  • Ambush at Callinicum 531 AD (The Case For Reliable Arabs), by Stewart Hey
  • The Longbeards, by Robert Heiligers
  • [DBA] Campaigns for Wargamers 7 – The Normans in Italy, by Paul Burton
  • [WAB] Thinking About Romans, by Adrian Goldsworthy
  • [AMW] Ancient and Medieval Wargaming, by Neil Thomas
  • Of Brushes and Bowstrings, by David Edwards
  • Honouring the Dead, by Edward Harvey
  • Plastic Alchemy Update 2008, by Andrew Lawrence
  • Book Reviews, by Marc Adda, Phil Barker & Will Whyler
  • Figure Reviews: 28mm Celts and Romans, Tibetans & Macedonian Successors, by Mark Watson
  • The Great Commanders at Milton Keynes Campaign: 9 -10 May 2009, by Graham Evans