Thursday, August 4, 2011

East of England DBA Challenge 2011


The Society of Ancients cordially invites you to t

A one day friendly DBA tournament taking place at Eastern Front Wargames Show, St Andrew's Hall, Norwich.
Sunday 21st August, starts 9:30am
Pleny of Games. Plenty of time to see the Show.
Great Prizes (Champion, Dux Britanniae, Junior, Newcomer, Best Presentation)
Counts towards the 2011 Society of Ancients UK DBA League

Please come along and join in. The cost is just £5, which includes entry to the wargames show. The fee is payable on the day, but please contact the organisers to book in, in advance. This should not deter late bookers (do come, even at the last minute), it is simply to speed up the organisation on the day.

Bring your own army in 15mm, any valid army is allowed from AD 410 to AD 1066. No terrain required. One list (all elements must be selected in advance for the event), normal dismounting rules etc. apply. Armies that actually fought in Britannia within the period also qualify for the 'Dux Britanniae' award. 'Newcomer' simply means you have not played in a SoA UK DBA League previously this year. Loan armies can be organised if needed.

This would be a great opportunity to get some games in whilst visiting a show, or for intrigued newcomers to tryout DBA (let us know and we will arrange the draw so you get to play an experienced player in the first round who can show you the ropes).

Enquiries and entries
yesthatphil 'at'

The East of England DBA Challenge is sponsored by The Society of Ancients, Eastern Front and Monarch Military Books