Sunday, November 18, 2012

Slingshot 284

ss284 cover
The current issue of Slingshot (number 284, September 2012), the bi-monthly publication of the Society of Ancients, is now available for individual purchases from the Society web store. Society members received their subscriber copies some weeks ago.

Slingshot 284 includes 52 full colour internal pages. The contents of Slingshot 284 are as follows:
  • Editorial: Slings & Arrows
  • Guardroom
  • How many dead?, by Andrew Hobley
  • The Wrong Procopius, by Jim Sye
  • The Battle of Clontarf, by Mick Hession
  • Catalan Fleet, Sicilian Vespers, by Jim Webster
  • Transjordanian Tales, Part One: Ramesses Attacks!, by Alastair McBeath
  • DBA Tournament Reports, by Martin Smith
  • I Come to Praise Warmaster … , by Justin Taylor & Rick Priestley
  • Wargames Competitions Made Simple, by Ray Briggs
  • Adapting the Day of Battle Command System to Command & Colors Games, by Chris Parker
  • Game & Figure Reviews, by Christopher Kay, John Curry, Fred Cartwright, Dave Gee & David Edwards
  • Book Reviews, by John Walsh, Dave Gee, Duncan Head, Anthony Clipsom & John Hastings
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