Friday, February 20, 2015

Slingshot 298 preview

Update: Slingshot 298, for January and February 2015,  will soon be on its way to subscribers.

Articles in this edition include:

  • Hydaspes Battle Pack, by Richard Lockwood
  • The Society of Ancients Championship, by John Graham-Leigh & Martin Smith
  • Command & Colors on the Tabletop (3), by Steven Neate
  • Mesopotamian Warfare Notelet (6): Three Mysteries of the East, by Alastair McBeath
  • New Works on Early Byzantine History, by Jim Sye
  • Virtual Triremes, by Richard Taylor
  • Visiting Skipton & Corfe Castles, by Peter Barham
  • Behind the Curve – Archery in Wargames, by Nick Harbud
  • The Battle of Dunnichen 685 using Dux Bellorum, by Steven Neate
  • Light Infantry in the Ranks of Cavalry, by John Hogan
  • Follow That Leader, by David Kay
  • The China Game, by Mike Haran

Slingshot is issued six times a year to members of the Society of Ancients.  Membership currently costs £24 for six issues and includes access to Society  games,  publications,  member discounts and the Society forum. You can subscribe or re-subscribe through the store at the Society's website,

The editor is always looking for more articles, photographs and art, so feel free to contact him through if you have an idea.

Also, all remaining pre-2011 Slingshots are now available at £5 per year's set. If you are interested in picking up cheap hard copies of older Slingshot bundles, more information can be found here.

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Note to members: for some of us, membership will expire after issue 298.  If you are not sure when your renewal is due, check the envelope containing your Slingshot. If your membership number starts with the number 298, you need to renew now.  Please try to renew in plenty of time so that you have no problems getting your copy of 299.