Sunday, October 16, 2016

l'Art de la Guerre a French Ancients ruleset gaining in popularity in the English-speaking world. Designed to be played in 2 hours it has the following features:

  • An element/unit based game with cohesion loss but no casualty removal;
  • One base = one unit;
  • Base width is important, depth does not seem to matter so much;
  • So long as both armies use the same base width, the rules will work;
  • Recommended base widths follow WRG/DBX standard;
  • For 6-15mm amies using 40mm wide bases, table size is about 5'x3';
  • Armies are broken into three commands;
  • For a standard 200 point game, armies seem to hover around 24 units;
  • The many army lists are tight but not overly prescriptive.

More details from the homepage here:

A YouTube walk-through here: