Monday, August 4, 2008

Slingshot 259

The latest issue of Slingshot (number 259, July 2008), the bi-monthly publication of the Society of Ancients, has gone to the printers and first copies should arrive with members this week.

This issue is 60 pages long, not including the cover pages. It's published in the same format introduced with issue 258.

The contents of Slingshot 259 are as follows. For games articles, I've indicated the relevant rule set where it's not immediately obvious from the title.

  • What Have the Mongols Done for Us?, by John Walsh
  • Macedonian Military Culture and World Impact: Perspectives & Impressions, Part 2, by David Karunanithy
  • A Wise Man Never Sleeps, by Alan Colquhoun
  • [ Armati ] Cats May Look at Kings, by Mark Grindlay
  • The 5th Annual Society of Ancients Battle Day – Poitiers 1356 AD, by Richard Lockwood
  • Battle Day – Poitiers under Days of Knights, by David Edwards
  • Battle Day – Poitiers using Arcane Warfare/Arcane Battle Composer, by John Hills
  • Battle Day – Poitiers with DBM and AMW, by John Graham-Leigh
  • Battle Report: Stirling Bridge – 11 September 1297, using Day of Battle III , by Chris Parker
  • [ Warmaster ] The Samurai – The Battle of Chungju 1592 AD, by Rick Priestley & Rob Broom
  • The Akkadians at Challenge – DBMM Tournament 2008 Report, by Steve Rathgay
  • [ WAB ] Coffers of the Suffetes, by Dave Pauwels
  • A Field of Glory at Caesar’s Challenge, by Steve Neate
  • Legion DBA 2008, by Jo Russell
  • Warmaster Ancients Campaign Report, by Dane Stephens
  • FoG in Birmingham – UK Games Expo 2008, by Nik Gaukroger
  • Comparative Religion 101: A Comparison of DBMM and FoG, by Ray Briggs
  • AMW – A Reply to “Zesty Ancient Warfare” and Some Additional Classical Army Lists, by Neil Thomas
  • “Immortal Fire”, A Supplement for Field of Glory, Reviewed by Tim Thompson & Rob Van Der Laan
  • “Legions Triumphant”, A Supplement for Field of Glory, Reviewed by Tim Thompson
  • Figure Reviews – 28mm Celts, Romans and Early Saxons, Reviewed by Mark Watson
  • Guardroom

There have been a few delays with this issue, for which apologies. Hopefully they'll have been addressed with the next issue. Issue 260 is now in layout and will I hope go out in early September. I'd encourage any contributions for that issue to be in to me by mid-August, and any letters for Guardroom to arrive by end August.