Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blasts from the Past: Classic Slingshot Articles online

Justin Swanton and John Graham-Leigh have been putting together a selection of classic articles from Slingshot to be made available online.  Justin has revamped the graphics and images to bring things up to current standards, and we will be putting them up on the Society of Ancients website.

The first article is here: Rioting in Alexandria: A mob action battle report by Ed Mills, from Slingshot 27, Jan. 1970.  The article outlines a clever rule framework for gaming mob clashes in the ancient world.

The second article is here: Solo Campaigning, by John Graham-Leigh, from Slingshot 192, July 1997.  This article looks at ideas for how the solo wargamer can create a campaign background to generate interesting battles for solo or face-to-face play.

We will be bringing you more classic articles over the next few months, so stay tuned!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Slingshot 294 on its way

We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of Slingshot (294) will be arriving with subscribers very soon.

294 contents includes:
  • The Byzantine Provincial Army of Spania 552/5-624 AD, by Rodger Williams
  • A Short History of the Iberian Peninsula - El Cid, by Robert Heiligers
  • Dux Bellorum: Wargaming the ‘Dark Ages’ With Some Style, by Steven Neate
  • Mesopotamian Notelets - More warriors from Mari, by Alastair McBeath
  • 1166 And All That (2) - King Strongbow, by Mick Hession
  • The Western Mediterranean Way of Warfare Debates (2), by Roy Boss & Mark Grindlay
  • Kadesh - What Was Happening?, by Toby Partridge
  • Contributing to Slingshot, by Nick Harbud

Slingshot is issued six times a year to members of the Society of Ancients.  Membership currently costs£24 for six issues and includes access to Society games, publicationsmember discounts and the Society forum. You can subscribe or re-subscribe through the store at the Society's website, http://soa.org.uk

The editor is always looking for more articles, photographs and art, so feel free to contact him through editor@soa.org.uk if you have an idea.

In other news the first in our series of Classic Slingshot Articles, "Rioting in Alexandria" by Ed Mills, from issue 27 (way back in 1970!), is now online here. More articles will follow shortly.

Also, the Society's Balearic Bundles deal has expired.  But all remaining pre-2011 Slingshots are now available at £5 per year's set. If you are interested in picking up cheap hard copies of older Slingshot bundles, more information can be found here.

Below are some previews of the articles in this edition (click on photos to enlarge):