Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Slingshot 258

This just went to the printers. We expect this issue to be posted by the printers to society members on 30 May. This issue is 60 pages long, and is published in a new format,  with colour covers, perfect binding and improved paper stock. The contents of Slingshot 258 are as follows. For games articles, I've indicated the relevant rule set where it's not immediately obvious from the title.
  • Macedonian Military Culture and World Impact: Perspective and Impressions, Part I, by David Kurananithy
  • Spartan Spartans, by Jim Webster
  • Charles I of Anjou A Medieval Prince, by Gavin Pearson
  • The Red Snake, by Steve Neate
  • African Revolts: Firmas, Gildo and Mascizel 372 to 398AD,, by Jim Webster
  • WAB Tournament Report I: Havoc XXIV - April 2008, by David Daly
  • WAB Tournament Report 2: Havoc XXIV - April 2008, by Tucker Saglio
  • The Gods of Ancient Wargaming, by John Gibson [DBM]
  • Lost Battles: Reconstructing the Great Clashes of the Ancient World - Review by Gavin Pearson
  • Command & Colors Ancients Club Competition, by Andrew Lawrence
  • Rules Design Round Table, with Phil Barker, Richard Bodley Scott, Jervis Johnson, Rick Priestley and Lorenzo Sartori*
  • Ancient and Medieval Wargaming - a Reply to Graham Evans, by Neil Thomas
  • Zesty Ancient Warfare, by Steve Neate [Neil Thomas rules]
  • DBA Northern Cup 2008, by Martin Smith
  • More Campaigns for DBA, by Gareth Griffiths
  • A Dinosaur Returns to Jurassic Park, by Phil Barker
  • Campaigns for Wargamers 4 - Attila the Hun, by Paul Burton [DBA]
  • The 2008 Welsh DBA Open, by Martin Smith
  • Field of Glory - Review by Nik Gaukroger
  • Dogs of War: Canine Use in Warfare from Ancient Egypt to the 19th Century - Review by Duncan Head
  • Warlord 28mm Early Imperial Romans - Review by Mark Watson
* - note, for the purposes of full disclosure, this is actually a series of interviews combined together. At no point did they sit round the same table. Or if they did, it wasn't mentioned to me.

Also note:
  • The annual incentive game, "Roma Invicta" has also gone to print. The same new printers are being used for both Slingshot 258 and the incentive game, we hope Roma Invicta will arrive with society members in the next couple of weeks.
  • The society website now contains pages which include errata and additional material for each issue. Right now there's neither but in the event material is posted it should appear at 

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