Friday, December 19, 2008

SoA Wargames Championship 2009

Following an increasing level of interest from members, the Society of Ancients will be running its Wargames Championship again, in 2009.

Once so well established, amongst ancients players, it was known simply as The Championship. Technology has now opened more opportunities for interaction and enjoyment through the Society's website, its Yahoo Group, and members' personal blogs.

The format will be very much the same as in previous decades - players are responsible for organising and reporting their own games, and may play the same opponent not more than twice. Both players must be Society of Ancients members, and any recognised set of rules or gaming principles may be used. Result of games will be accepted by post or email. Full rules can be found here ....

Current members of the Society of Ancients are encouraged to contribute their ideas about the Championship to the organisers through the website, or in debate with members through Slingshot and the mailing list.

Non members can find out more about the Society at (a new Society year begins on Jan 1st, and membership can be taken out through the website)...

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