Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Windows Issues

Tim Myall mailed me to tell me about a bunch of issues on Windows IE, starting with the home page. I’ve been going through and fixing the various issues that Tim called out, and a further group that I subsequently found. Right now the home page is fixed, and some other problematical pages such as the Slingshot Previous Issues is fixed. There are some alignment issues on some remaining pages, which I’ll iron out this week, and a couple of issues on some of the pages with fancier menus.

Some observations:

I use a Mac, and had hoped some of these issues were caught by simply asking the committee to provide feedback from their Windows machines. Daft idea. I will try and check on Windows (under emulation) when I add pages going forward.

The pages in question all work under (on a Mac) Safari and Firefox and (on Windows) Safari, Chrome and Firefox. The home page issue is down to a bug in IE6 and IE7 which has been fixed in IE8. The remaining issues I need to fix are problems only in all versions of IE. My strong suggestion - if you want a better Internet experience, and can’t afford to drop Windows completely, at least get yourself a better browser.

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