Monday, May 4, 2009

Members Area Open on Website

Hi. As you should be able to see from the tabs on, there is now a "Members Area" on the website. The purpose of this is described in more detail in the editorial of Slingshot 263, but, briefly, the idea is to provide an area for additional material and also for stuff which is specific to the running of the society, such as minutes. The members area also allows for the facility of free member "home pages" (actually they can consist of multiple pages) on which you can host your own hobby and history related material, only accessible by other members.
There isn't *that* much there at the moment – at the time of writing there are just some hi-res versions of the campaign maps from the recent campaign articles in Slingshot, and the homepage area. Some content from the main site may migrate inside the members area.
For the members area, your userid will be your membership number; you'll need to get a password from the webmaster. Either write and supply your name (first and last name) and membership number, or use the contact form from the "Contact" tab – put your membership number in the message. Also say whether you'd like a homepage setting up.

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