Monday, May 28, 2012

Slingshot 282

ss282 cover
The latest issue of Slingshot (number 282, May 2012), the bi-monthly publication of the Society of Ancients, has gone to the printers.

The contents of Slingshot 282 are as follows
  • Editorial: Slings & Arrows
  • The Butcher’s Dog, by Edward Harvey
  • Carthaginian Citizens in Arms, by Jim Webster
  • A Short History of the Iberian Peninsula from 400 to 1100AD – Part 1: Prelude, by Robert Heiligers
  • The Role of the Master of Dragons , Part 2, by Jim Sye
  • Scramble - A Tale of Two Tournaments, by Martin Myers
  • DBA Competition Reports, by Martin Smith & Richard Pulley
  • Kadesh with Command & Colors: Ancients, by Andrew Lawrence
  • Very Very Little Wars: Experiments in wargaming with 6mm figures, hexagons and a spreadsheet, by David Kay
  • Exercitus: A Personal Rules Solution for Legion verses Phalanx, by Adrian Nayler
  • Book Review, Warfare in the Medieval World, Reviewed by Anthony Clipsom
  • Book Reviews, by Mark Watson
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