Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Strategos II reprint now available

Hot on the heels of the Legion update and reissue, we are very pleased to announce the 2015 reprint of Strategos II, Phil Sabin's third-generation rules for fighting ancient battles.

Front cover of Strategos II.

Building on the ideas of Phalanx and Legion before it, Strategos II further refines Professor Phil Sabin's vision of ancient warfare. Using unique and easy-to-grasp mechanisms, it is a simple but realistic system for simulating the land battles of classical antiquity at the grand tactical level. It comes with full scenarios for 36 different engagements from the last five centuries BC, and is based on extensive study of ancient and modern sources.

This reprint is no different from the previous edition. It offers clear presentation, a comprehensive example of play, and a scenario section containing unit descriptions, historical deployment options, and a simple map for each battle. The example of play helps players to see the system in operation, while extensive design notes explain the rationale behind the mechanisms used.

Can be played with miniatures, counters, or on a computer screen.

Players have the option of jumping straight to the historical deployments or of deploying using the standard movement and command rules. The system is designed to provide a robust game framework so that players may tweak terrain or order-of-battle inputs based on their own readings of the historical evidence. The built-in handicap system allows even inferior armies a real chance of game victory and also makes the system adaptable to any scenario changes that players wish to make.

Battles may be re-fought on a computer screen using dedicated Strategos II software, Cyberboard or VASSAL (join the Lost Battles yahoo group for more information), on a paper map with counters, or on a tabletop using miniature figures. Miniatures players may use any number or scale of model figures, based in any way, on a normal ungridded tabletop. The game divides the battlefields into 20 zones, but they are so few and regular that just 12 unobtrusive dots, rocks or strategically placed trees will suffice to indicate all the internal corners.

- Once the rules are learned, scenarios can be completed in around 90 minutes.
- Provides a tried-and-tested framework that players may use to experiment with their own scenario ideas.
- Is supported by the author and experienced players on the Lost Battles yahoo group.
- Is very suitable for solitaire play.
- Is the basis for Phil Sabin's later book and game Lost Battles: Reconstructing the Great Battles of the Ancient World.

At only £6 (£4.80 for Society members) we are proud to make available again another high quality, low cost gaming product. To order a copy, go to the Society of Ancients website.

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