Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shows North Blog active again

Ancients on the Move

We are pleased to report that the Shows North blog 'Ancients on the Move' which was dormant for many months is active again. Apologies to those who enjoyed the regular updates from our roving shows team - unfortunately some important family issues meant that there was insufficient time to maintain the site. Posting has resumed with photo reports on Phalanx and the Conference of Wargamers.

During the hiatus, a lot of material has been lodged there in draft form, and much of this is now being tidied and published. Now in the archive, you will find:

IWF World Championships

A visit to a Warhammer Historical weekend

We hope these reports will be of interest, and there will be more archiving in the coming weeks as well as up to date reporting from the shows circuit.

Like all volunteers, the shows team thrives on feedback, so if any of the material sparks your interest, comment is appreciated.

Phil Steele
Shows North

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