Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Battle Day 2010 update - Four 28mm games aleady planned!

The choice of Zama for the 2010 Battle Day is proving very popular - even at this early stage we have four games planned - all in 28mm (or 25mm in old money)!

First up we have the regular SoA "Lost Battles" show team, including Phil Sabin the rules' author who we are very pleased to say will also provide the Introduction to the Battle talk first thing in the morning.

Then we have a huge Command & Colours game under construction - two groups of C&C aficianados combining to put on a game on an 18 foot wide table with well over a thousand 28mm figures! Wow! What a monster!

Next, we are delighted that a WAB team is putting together their take on Zama, probably utilising some of the Gripping Beast figures used in the Zama game that was used to promote the Hannibal WAB supplement some years ago. Another big game is promised!

Finally, the DBMM team have warned me to reserve them a large table as they too are coming with the big toys! Yet another big 25mm game then!

Just what is it about Zama that is dragging out the 28mm meglamaniac in us all?

Also note the date: Saturday 17 April 2010, the week before Salute.

Watch this space for more news on Zama 2010!

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