Friday, February 19, 2010

New additions to the discount programme!

We have several new vendors joining our discount programme:

Blaze Away can offer a flat 10% to our members on any sized order. Members will just need to indicate in the text box of the online order process that they are SOA members and to include their membership number, which Blaze Away can verifiy with us later. Alternatively, members can email their order and Blaze Awaw will send an invoice with the discount included. Check them out at

Hinds Figures Ltd are offering members a 10% discount. Contact Ian at Hinds in advance of making an order, with your membership number. You can then agree with him how to make the order. This offer also includes the Hinchliffe figure range that Ian sells. Note this offer is not in conjunction with other discount offers that Hinds have. See the figures at

Tumbling Dice UK are also now offering members a 10% discount. As above, contact them first with your membership number. Find them at

10mm specialists Pendraken Miniatures will give SoA members a 10% discount on orders over £50. As usual, contact them first before ordering. They have a new website launching in February and have said they would welcome any feedback from our members. Have a look at

Nick Eyre at North Star is extending a 10% offer to our members for Crusader Miniatures UK, Artizan Design and North Star Military Figures. Note that Nick can only offer this to mail order customers, and not at shows. Again contact him in advance. See the ranges at

Hopefully more to come!

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