Friday, March 5, 2010

Slingshot 268

The latest issue of Slingshot is 268, publishing date January 2010. This issue is running somewhat late in order to try and pick up the most complete version of the resubscription database and avoid subsequent one-off postings.
The next issue will be the March issue. The delay to January's issue will probably have a knock on effect on March. Also, from March Slingshot will have a new editor.

This issue is 56 pages long, not including the cover pages. It's published in the same format introduced with issue 258.

The contents of Slingshot 268 are as follows. For games articles, I've indicated the relevant rule set where it's not immediately obvious from the title; with historical articles I've tried to indicate period if a similar issue applies.

  • Zama 202BC, the 2010 SoA Battle Day Battlepack, by Richard Lockwood
  • The Manichaeans in the army of Alexius , by Jim Webster
  • “Let the magilum boats of Meluhha transport gold and silver”: Mesopotamian Warfare Notes X, by Alastair McBeath
  • Yongle’s Campaigns in the South: The Ascent of Yongle, by John Walsh
  • [ DBA ] III/46. Early Medieval Goídil (ca. 795-1297 C.E.), by Brian Girard
  • [ Armati ] Adapting Balaclava to Roman Britain, by Chris Hahn
  • Beating Shock Troops with Light Foot in FoG, by Christopher Webber
  • Naval Campaign Rules Using Naumachiae, by Christopher Webber
  • Mesopotamian & Chronological Notes from AMW, by Alastair McBeath
  • [ DBM ] The Wolf on the Fold, by John Graham Leigh
  • Impetus – a Very Brief Overview, by Mike Brian
  • New Year Review Feast!, by Various Voices
  • China: The Middle Kingdom, reviewed by John Graham-Leigh
  • Richard III – The Wars of the Roses, reviewed by John Graham-Leigh
  • Figure Reviews, by David Edwards & Mark Watson

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