Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back Issues Prices Reduced

Some Slingshot back issue packages have been reduced in price on the website. Specifically:

2010 & 2008 have been reduced to £15
2007 has been reduced to £10

Back issue packages include print copies of all 6 issues published for the year in question.

Worldwide postage is included in the price. The higher prices for 2010 and 2008 reflect the higher size, weight and (therefore) postage costs for the issues in those years.

This is partly to reflect our policy of making back issue packages cheaper, and partly to ensure that all the various quoted prices (notably between the website and Slingshot) are consistent. There are still some inconsistencies with the prices quoted in the January Slingshot. We'll fix these in the March Slingshot and until then continue to honour prices quoted.

Also note, 2009 back issue packages have been unavailable (sold out) for some time, although some individual 2009 back issues may be available at shows. This is because we've completely run out of stock of two of the issues for the year in question.

Slingshot back issue packages are available from

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