Sunday, February 9, 2014

Slingshots from 1982 and 1983

As you may have heard, we currently have back issues of Slingshot available at the bargain price of six for £5 (£4 for Society of Ancients members) plus shipping, which works out to a year's worth of Slingshots for the price of one.

The Balearic bundles on offer are for the years 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1987, and for each year from 1996 through to 2010.

Here is what is in the bundles for the years 1982 and 1983:


Includes series on the Vandals, the Arab conquest of Egypt, the Republican Roman army 218-168 BC, the ancient Ligurians, later Roman forts and Courtrai. 

Contains notable articles on Nicopolis, early Ottoman armies, armies of the Jarls of Orkney, Brunanburh and campaign economics. 

Includes the start of the award-winning series on Charles the Bold’s armies.

Also includes battle reports, wargaming discussions, reviews and many more historical articles.


Includes series on the strategy and tactics of the Hundred Years War, the Attacotti, Ilipa 206 BC, al-Babayn 1167 AD, running a wargames campaign and Egyptian chariots.

Includes notable articles on Saladin’s siege of Bourzey castle, the Hittite army at Qadesh, Crusader Turcopoles and Communal Italian city badges.

The award-winning series on Charles the Bold’s armies concludes.

Again, there are many more battle reports, wargaming discussions, reviews and historical articles.

If you are interested in these or Slingshots from other years, go to the Balearic Bundles page in the store section of the Society of Ancients website to place an order.

Note that if you want to order a number of bundles your best bet may be to contact John Graham-Leigh at who will help you work out how best to minimise postage costs.

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