Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Slingshot 292 Giveaway

To be in to win one of five complimentary copies of the latest edition of the Society of Ancients' journal, simply tell us the year in which the battle of Crécy was fought.  Send your answers together with your name and address to by Saturday, May 31st (UK time).

The winners will be decided by lot and announced June 1st.  Good luck!

Articles in Slingshot 292 include:

  • Battle of Towton, by John Graham-Leigh
  • Reconstructing the English Formation at Crécy, by Anthony Clipsom
  • The Proto-Manipular Legion, by Rodger Williams and Patrick Waterson
  • Tinkering With Byzantines, by Perry Gray
  • The Trojan War - Moved! By Patrick Waterson
  • What happened to the velites? By John Hogan
  • The Age of Augustus (pt. 1) by Paul Burton
  • Optio Battle Report, by Justin Swanton
  • Two Early Dynastic Battle-Scene Cylinder Seals, by Alastair McBeath
Again, all you need to do is send the answer to the question (along with your name and address) to by May 31st.

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