Monday, May 26, 2014

Slingshot 293 preview

Nick has kindly sent us a few preview pages for Slingshot 293.

First up, another in Robert Heiligers' excellent series on the Iberian Peninsula (click to enlarge the photos) :

Then an article on converting Commands & Colors: Ancients to miniatures:

And our last preview (but not last article!) is by Mick Hession, who is always a must-read author:

It looks like it's going to be a good issue.

The full rundown of the articles in 293 is:

·         Society Battle Day 2015 - The Hydaspes 326 BC
·         A Short History of the Iberian Peninsula – the Start of the Reconquista
·         Command and Colours Using Figures on the Tabletop
·         Mesopotamian Notelets – Gudea’s Plan
·         The Age of Augustus
·         1166 And All That - King Dermot
·         Armati 101 – Hints and Tips
·         Society UK DBA League 2012-2013
·         Slingshot Game Review - Pax Romana
·         Slingshot Book Review – Conquer and Govern
·         Negative PIPs

If you are not a subscriber to Slingshot but would like to become one, you can find more details at this page.

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